Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Children's Museum of Virginia

Today, the boys and I went to The Children's Museum of Virginia in Portsmouth. I would not consider is a large museum, but every square foot of the two-story building is jam-packed with adventures for children of all ages to enjoy. Seriously, all ages- see photos of my 19, 15, and 2 year olds below! Yes, I thought the older bros were going to help and play with Benjamin, but they had to be given play time limits and pulled away from many activities themselves.

The day began with bubbles- big bubbles and little bubbles, lots and lots of bubbles.

Then there was a "ride" on the HRT Transit bus. I have seen several poems on Pinterest lately about being a "Mom of Boys." However, this picture sums it up for me much more than rhyming prose on bugs and muddy footprints on the kitchen floor.

It is easy to spend three hours in this museum and still not see everything, because it is such a hands-on environment. We found several new adventures this trip that we didn't see last visit. Benjamin discovered the chickens. And he discovered that chickens laid eggs.

And more eggs. And more eggs. Thirty minutes with the chicken and the eggs!
Oh, and did you know, chickens lay EGGS!

Curious George is the summer exhibit at the museum. George was Benjamin's first friend, although he is probably feeling neglected in the days since the boy discovered shoo-shoos.

See previous comment about being the Mom of Boys... at least they waited until Benjamin couldn't see them.

Justin wanted to do a little "Improv Theatre," which would warm this mom's heart... had he not kept announcing "Show starting in five minutes" and parents actually try to bring their kids in for the show!

Should there be be any doubt that Benjamin can't hang with his teen bros, this should dispel that notion. He watched the Pirate... and his rebelling First Mate... and the arrival of his Fair Damsel... before Benjamin threw on a tiger mask and chased them all around the stage to add a little more action and danger to the plot.

And, of course, there were shoo-shoos- two visits to the massive train room with tunnels leading to observation bubbles in the middle of all the intersecting tracks.

In the Veterinarian Clinic, Benjamin made my PETA-loving heart proud as he took each DOG(!) from their crate checked them with the stethoscope and threw them out the doggie door to set them free. (Is this not the.most.adorable.picture.ever?)

Mom of Boys... 'nuff said.

It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt... or CPS is called. Ha! Wouldn't this be so much easier than dealing with a car seat? Kiddding! Actually, Benjamin did not want to come out of the crate and I had to bribe him with shoo-shoos to let me open the door... crazy kid.

And finally, from the rear view mirror driving home, I saw the universal image of a day well spent with fun being had by all.

The End

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