Thursday, July 12, 2012

Big Brother!

There are a lot of iconic images of summer- beaches, sunglasses, flip-flops. For me though, one important symbol of summer is, Big Brother, and tonight was the season premier (Yay!)

When they were introducing the new house guests, I have to admit though, my biggest thought was how stereo-typed they were: the New Yorker, the Southern Belle, the Rocker Chick, the Flamboyant Guy, the Geek, etc. It’s like I could have written a big chuck of that script having never watched the show tonight. (Note to self: If ever decide to audition for Big Brother, have a gimmick, and be a parody of yourself in portraying it.)

A couple of other things I found funny was the Nurse deciding she should lie and pretend to be a Kindergarten teacher so the other guests wouldn’t think she was too smart. Seriously? Does she think a Kindergarten teacher only has a Kindergarten level of education? I’m not saying there aren’t some brilliant nurses out there in the field, but I am quite certain there are just as many brilliant “Kindergarten teachers.”

Also, CBS chose to bring back four former house guests. I’ve not watched every Season of “Big Brother” but I have seen most. One alumni though, Dan, who was a winner of his season? I have never seen or heard of this guy. Couldn’t they find some bigger BB name to bring back?

The biggest caveat for me enjoying this season though will be putting up with another Hantz. I stopped watching “Survivor” because of Russell. Not because “Oh he’s such a bad villain.” No because “I can’t freaking stand this guy being on my TV screen.” And now his brother is infecting BB. Ugh! I wish the house guests were smarter in trying to bust his attempts to hide his identity- like when picking teams, saying that you choose “Mr. Hantz.” I have a feeling he will be gone just before midway through the season. The sooner, the better. I am all about introducing a little drama, stirring up a little conflict. Watching how the players deal with it and each other is the whole point of the game. I’d just prefer the conflict stamped with the Hantz brand end as quickly in the season as possible.

Usually I’ll pick my favored player during the opening night of the season (and that person traditionally makes it to 3rd place, ha!). Tonight though it seemed we found out even less about them than normal. So, I would have to say the only player that I felt a shining to was the self-professed geek, Ian. I think his youth and naiveté could work against him though. If he is not suckered into having his ego stroked by the “popular kids,” he could have good longevity in the game.

Opposite to that would be Rocker Chick, I think she is SO stuck on creating that persona of herself that it is going to alienate her from anyone else in the game, but she will just blame it on being an individual and people judging her.

Let the Hunger Games begin :)

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