Thursday, July 19, 2012

Big Brother- Eviction 1

I would have preferred to say Week One, but with the emphasis that the guests have been in the house 13 days (how?) that would be confusing.

Well Ian... dear, dear geeky lil' Ian... you are a bit too much. I will have to resend my previous prediction that he would make it to at least the half-way point, and perhaps further if pawned. Instead now, I am apt to predict that his longevity in the house is solely based on how long there are bigger targets to attack (such as Russell Jr. in the upcoming week, yee-haw, sweet justice ahead for Frank? Yank the knife out of your back and throw it at Willie a la the spinning lady at the circus with an apple on her head?)

One trick to surviving on an a reality show where your peers determine your time of game death is to secure a "role" for yourself. Are you the one everyone confides in? Are you the one that cooks or cleans?  (The benefits of this role become moot when you attempt to cook the house's entire ration of  food such as the "I-must-yell-at the camera-in-the-diary-room-to-prove-my-testosterone-level Joe, who is quickly going to turn this to a game of "Survivor" instead of "Big Brother.") 

Or, you may become the entertainer. I have a feeling that Ian has used self-deprecating behavior often in his life to try and gain the favor of those around him. Ironically as he was kicking himself in the head, literally, this past week, I told Jason that could have been his bully-avoidance technique. Seriously, who is going to hurt a guy that starts beating the crap out of himself? That party trick is only entertaining for a fleeting moment and is going to be rekindled far less often than streaking through the house with the other guy's hats cradling your genitals or camping out on the bathroom couch in hopes of getting a boob peek.

This, of course, being ironic with Frank's ploy to label Russell Jr. as a bully in the house tonight. This was a smart move in the sense of the sheeple mentality of house guests to follow the latest stated opinion and thus come together to label a common enemy. I don't think it was very effective though as a last-minute plea to survive eviction. Do you think any players are undecided or change their mind at that point in the game? The best use of the "Final Plea" is to make a proclamation that will affect the next round of game play. As Frank did. Well played Carrot Top. 

Russell Jr., instead, would have liked to paint Mike Boogie as the common enemy. Now, I could be in support of this for two reasons: Number One, it is creepy to be 41 years old and refer to yourself as "Boogie." Number Two, I am already fed up with his self-promoting t-shirts, as if his egocentricity needed such tangible proof. However, that sheeple mentality of the house guests is most evident in their willingness to follow the advise of their "Coach." There are beginning to be rumblings of the understanding that the Coaches are playing their own game, not the house guests' game, but no one has been willing to act upon that belief yet. Even though I agree with Brittney that they are likely to enter the game later, and thus you do not want to make enemies, all the house guests are too willingly abiding by the alliances that they were thrust into by the spinning beds. (I wonder if CBS sees this playing out and thus instigated the Coaches' swap next week?)

Ashley is my favored player for the win right now, mainly because she reminds me of an endeared Key Clubber. But she does face the danger of being wallpaper and becoming a floater. And Wil (with one l... of course) is my favored player by which to be entertained. Russell Jr. is who I want to go... go, g-o, GO... next. I appreciate the value of a villain to the plot, but I am content just disliking Boogie for now. Please don't let Frank be stupid enough to fall for a deal. I still really dislike Rocker Chick but she if flying to far below the radar to be targeted right now.

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