Thursday, July 19, 2012

Project Runway, Week 1

Project Runway is my absolute favorite show. I watch several reality and reality game shows, and this is the only one that I can say I have never missed a season (an episode?) of. I'd like to say that it's my dream to sew like this. But I think that's an abuse of the word dream. I think learning to sew is an achievable task, and like most things, with practice, learning to sew well is also achievable. I am definitely going to put it on my craftiness time table.

For the Season 10 premier, I was glad to see Beatrice go home. I tossed her on the bad designer side of the list as soon as she said that she was a "nonsewer" and it took her four weeks to complete her "first look." Both outfits that she sent down the runway looked like sleepwear. I realize that in the "real world" of fashion design there may be minions to do the menial tasks like sewing, but I think for Project Runway, the ability to visualize a look is only half the competition. You should be able to masterfully create the look too. There has already been one season winner that didn't know how to sew... and for heaven's sake, we don't need another season of "draping" winning the runway.

I would have been just as happy to see Kooan go home though. I am all about the kooky guy and I love the designer that creates unconventional looks. I am a huge Mondo fan! However, I think Kooan's attempts at being eccentric are contrived and forced. And I think that his clothes were a mockery of the show, specifically the monochromatic Twister jumper that Michael described as a Telebtubby's vomit.

Alicia (dread locks)'s red hooded jumper, however, I really liked. It had a fashion forward style and a casual feel. I would n-e-v-e-r wear a romper. However, I have often liked the ones I have seen on the runway. It takes real artistic talent to create this look without it looking like a maternity jumper.

The other piece I thought was overlooked was Andrea's long gown. I tend to always like the older female designer. (Maybe because I know I will be old when I figure out how to sew this well, ha!) The only thing I don't like is that she is so well-degreed in art and teaches fashion. I don't like, in general, when there are designers that have done runway shows, or own a boutique, or just have a lot of experience in the field. I like the romance of a novice being given their "big chance" at stardom and success.

My favorite look on the runway tonight was Ven's white pants suit. I loved the pleated flared legs with matching cuffs. Loved the fuchsia color stark against the white and the twists and tucks of the top of the bodice. I would actually wear this look (a rarity for anything that comes down the runway)!

Although there is a handful of lackluster talent, namely Leapord Head (Buffi) who was Retro 80s, not in a good way, there does seem to be an abundance of talent this season- architectural stylists with classic taste and clean designs- Elena, Gunnar, Dmitry. However, I foresee a lot of runway commentary about "playing it safe" and needing to "break out of your comfort zone." There was a lot of black on the runway during the season premier and that cannot last for long before the judges' criticism begins.

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