Sunday, July 15, 2012

Revolving Doors

Busy weekend at the McHenry household. Jason & Justin left early Friday morning and returned early this afternoon. They made a 14-hour+ round trip to New Jersey to deliver the goods that his brother stored here during his move. Then, this morning Cameron left for a week-long Boy Scout camp.

Saturday morning I finally went yard saling. I have set the alarm for yard saling several Saturday mornings but never actually made it out of bed. I took along a "navigator" and we probably hit about 25ish sales. I found a shelf for DVD tapes, which was actually on the shopping list, a book, and lots of odds & ends crafting supplies. It was a good morning... actually turned into afternoon with a Target stop and working together on the blog.

Cameron & I watched a couple of movies over the weekend.

I get in the mood for adventure movies once in a while, and Mission Impossible was good. There were a couple of parts to the plot that were difficult to follow. However, the action was intense. Cameron made fun of some of my gasps and shrieks because I was so getting into the action. Also, after Rock of Ages, I was in the mood for another dose of Tom Cruise. He may have his haters but ever since he slid across the living room floor in his whitey tighties, I have been a fan of the Maverick. I am also a fan of Nicole Kidman and have liked some Nicolas Cage flicks. However, in the movie Trespass, both of their acting just seemed... bad. The plot was rather predictable too.

Other than that, the weekend was a lot of cleaning and cooking and crafting. This afternoon we had a get-together for the Relay for Life committee. This was my first year stepping into a committee position and today we all got together to review how this year went and look forward to next year. In honor of this year's event ,I made a Mississippi Mud Cake for the dinner. I topped the cake with a picture of my girls from this year's relay.

There were torrential downpours the night before Relay this year, and the field was a big muddy mess after just a few laps. I can hear the echos now of all the future conversations that will begin, "Remember that year the field was so muddy..."

While I was making the cake this morning, I distracted Benjamin with ice, bowls, and a spoon!

I got this idea from Kelly's Blog a while ago and it has worked wonderfully as a way to distract and entertain Benjamin the few times I tried it. The game? Simple. Fill one bowl with ice, give him a slotted spoon, and model moving ice from one bowl to the next. It's fun to watch to how the game grows with the new discoveries of age. "Water" is a common word for him now and he was amazed when he left the bowls for a while and came back to find water. He also chose to use the empty bowl for a hat and parade around the kitchen each time before refilling it, and would try to get more ice from the fridge himself.

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