Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Craft Rooom Reveal... Ta-Da!

The Craft Room... Studio... Imaginarium... is not yet complete, but I hope that it never is. By definition, I hope it to be an evolving haven of creativity.
(Am I overdoing that a bit?)

Maybe so, but the room is "Open for Business" and I am overwhelmed by all the ideas I have of projects to do!

This is the view walking into the room, the crafting station.
The table was the first kitchen table that I bought over 15 years ago.
It is heavy wood and very sturdy with a huge work area.
The bookshelf belongs to my classroom and will be replaced.

Across from the crafting area is my office area for schoolwork and household matters.
The desk is repurposed from the boys' room until I find the right one. 
I like large working areas for any project- work or fun.

This is the fourth wall (obviously), which is basically 2 deep closets. The column is what my previous birdhouse sat on. I am thinking about... just maybe... about getting new birds. I'm going to wait out that decision until at least Christmas break to make sure I am in the room enough to give the birds attention and interaction. That whole column display is temporary. Maybe going to put a tall shelf there. It is a very narrow area to work with.

The various inspirational boards and quotes around the room
will also return to my classroom in the fall.

Keeping it real! This pic doesn't do justice on showing how deep these shelves (that Jason installed) are. It also makes it look far less organized than it really is. Half of each shelf houses supplies for different types of crafting: foam, dream catchers, scrapbook, jewelry, sewing, painting, cross-stitching, and holiday projects. I am just not worried about "pretty" displays when it is all hidden behind closed doors.

See... organized!

The other organization and storage area are the shelving units that I bought from Michaels.
This is so classing craft room, right? The shelves are filled with paper
for card-making and scrapbooking. The drawers are filled with stamps.

Jason didn't think I really needed that much storage space for stamps. Surprise babes!

These were the shelves I used. I put them together myself, very basic assembly.
Their list price at Michael's is $44! However, about three months they go on sale for $17.49!

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