Thursday, July 5, 2012

Date Night

I had planned to write that I spent all day doing my chores so I was allowed to go out and play tonight, except it was the kind of day when I felt like I began 20 projects but finished none... except the true number would be far less than 20.

But, we still went out to play tonight :)

I have made the resolution to try one new restaraunt each month for the next year. 12 months. 12 new restaraunts. Although I do have to drive an hour to get anyyywhere, there are so many options once we do get out of town (if we can just break out of our routines and ruts).

Tonight was not one of those nights though. We went to PF Changs for an earlier dinner. The food was good, as always. The service was not.

Then, we went to The Funny Bone Comedy Club in Virginia Beach and saw J. Medicine Hat. It was a bit awkward to find entertainment in a show peppered with so many Native American proclamations. Joke-joke-laugh-laugh- let's talk about why Native Americans don't celebrate Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, or Columbus Day. Joke-joke-laugh-laugh- let's talk about how many Native Americans are dead in the ground at Wounded Knee where I served two years after shooting (an arrow?) at a Federal agent. At one point, the lights dropped and he danced to pow wow music...

His act is unsual in many ways because he's not so much a stand-up comedian as a hypnotist performer. So, he had a handful on people on stage dancing and spelling dirty words. Our seating was bad, as is the gamble you take with the place, but the show itself was entertaining. The opening act, not so much so... a 70+ year old guy telling dirty jokes is just... sad.

After the show, we grabbed cheesecakes to go and headed home.

Ohhh... between dinner and the show though, I discovered a Vintage Jewelry shop, that had an eccletic assortment of odds & ends beyond jewlery, most of of it vintage peices, or otherwise hand-crafted projects. It was funny that as I was going through the shop I found several items that I had pinned on my craft boards.

I bought this necklace. I am going to see if I can hunt down these beads for some creations myself. I adore owls!

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