Tuesday, July 31, 2012

An Old Friend with a New Look

I've been spending time with an old friend lately. I met her during my Home Economics class in high school.

Perhaps you know Betty. She's written a few books.

I made a Quiche Lorraine for breakfast yesterday morning and Chicken Paprikash for dinner tonight. And while I love (LOVE) a good quiche, Chicken Paprikash was fun to make just because it's fun to say. Paprikash!

While googling for a pic of Betty, I was surprised to see the transitioning images of her over the years.

I come to teaching from a background in advertising, so media trends and target audiences have fascinated me since the days of Darwin making pitches to clients on Bewitched. It seems that "Betty" has grown younger over the years (and much kinder looking than that 1936 school marm version). Isn't it funny how the 1969 version looks more modern than the 1972 version?

The new Betty seems ambiguous in many ways. She has the image of having been a soccer mom but at an age to have just outgrown those carpooling teenaged athletes days (because some of us aren't 56 when that day comes). Fifty-six. Paprikash!

She's also racially ambiguous, Caucasian but with a strong hinting of ethnicity. Being racially ambiguous is highly marketable. I learned that watching America's Next Top Model. (Educational programming has many definitions ;)

However, what stands out most to me about this newest morphing of the "Batter Queen" is that in this newest age of technology, she looks purely computer generated and thus far more fake than any earlier version. I don't understand why they would not chose to use a real model versus a Sim's neighbor. The "ambiguous" identity does not make me feel any more relatable to the marketing brand. Odd.


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