Sunday, July 1, 2012

Anniversary Number Eight

I met Jason on-line. He would be quick to correct that statement though. 1999 pre-dated the e-harmonies (at least the less lascivious and more socially-acceptable ones of that nature) and Facebook (even MySpace... gasp!). No, our paths crossed in a Yahoo chat room for Virginia locals (although I had not moved to VA yet, interloper that I was). His social circles with other folks in that room crossed with my social circles and we would often find ourselves at the same BBQs, parties, clubs, etc.

He had a girlfriend at the time and I was casually dating someone too, so we found ourselves in a position to become good friends or irritating enemies because of several personality traits we shared in common.(We won't detail these under risk of being deemed Cyber Bullies!)

The time came when neither of us were any longer involved in relationships and Jason came over for dinner one night... and stayed late into the early morning talking about his childhood dogs. Yeah, that's not a euphemism. "A boy and his dog?" Jason is filled with the childhood stories those iconic ideals are based on.

So anyway, the next night we both went out... with someone else... and found ourselves distracted most of the night with thoughts of each other. That was... unexpected. So, we fell into a relationship.

It was fast-paced. We were both at a transient and evolving stage of life that I think propelled us forward. Our lives have changed so much over the past 13 years of being together. When I lost my well-paying job in advertising, I was at a loss, but Jason encouraged me to go back to school and fulfill the life-long dream of teaching. At many points in Jason's Navy career, we were uncertain what the future held, but he was able to retire and secure the benefits to take care of us for a lifetime, and now he is fulfilling his dream of getting his education degree too.

We are not the same people today that we were pre-Y2K. Our lives have changed over the years, always working towards the better. We have evolved from living in a trailer with two vehicles that we couldn't afford to maintenance to living in a spacious home with two vehicles that are reliable and paid for. We have grown- as individuals, spouses, and a family.

And just when we think we had settled into a comfortable rhythm...

We become parents again, at 38. That definitely was not in "The Life Plan." It's funny though how something can so drastically alter your life... and then you cannot imagine your life having been any other way.

It's odd to me sometimes when I will think of, or am reminded of, something from my "other life." The thing about second marriages, and blended families, and moving to new states, is that you have an entire life BEFORE this life. For me, that's how it feels. There's no one really in my life from "before." I moved to a new state, started a new career. There's no blending of one life transitioning into another. And, it's just odd to think that Jason and I came into this relationship at 27 having been married and parents already.

We had "other" lives, before we had OUR lives... but all that is such a blur... because I cannot imagine my life now any other way.

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