Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer 2012 Bucket List

Today this Ma hitched up the wagon and traveled to Sleepy Eye...

Actually, I drove over an hour into Chesapeake to do some shopping and cure my Get-Outta-Townitis.

The day ended at Target, and although I actually bought very little (a Curious George t-shirt on clearance and a Family Circle magazine), I did spot a few interesting things.

Seriously, how creepy are those ketchup & mustard bottles with faces? So creepy that Facebook recognized them as faces and wanted me to tag them! And the sock monkey for your wine... kinda creepy... but honestly, if we still had winos for friends, that totally screams "Awesome Christmas Present" to me (in a cute little monkey voice). AND, imagine how hilarious it would be to see someone's traditional paper sack covering booze replaced with the sock monkey. I could control an eruption of laughter driving by that sight!

Ok... the other interesting thing (of what I will reference) was...
The School Supplies are coming! The School Supplies are coming!

Actually, since I have an OCD-tinged obsession for school supplies, so this actually makes me happy and not want to pull out my hair screaming because SUMMER BREAK JUST BEGUN!

It was, however, the impetus that I needed to finish the Summer Bucket List that I had been mentally toying around with for a couple of weeks. So, here is a list of 10 things I want to accomplish before going back to school in 50ish days.

1. Visit Water Country & Busch Gardens at least 3 times each.
2. Visit the beach at least 3 times.
3. Complete a scrapbook for Benjamin's first year or for all the old Key Club pics.
4. Visit DC or Baltimore for one (mayyybe 2) days.
5. Picnic at the Chesapeake (or Portsmouth?) park with the train.
6. Get craft room painted, built, organized, and functioning.
7. Go to an outdoor concert.
8. Visit the Living Museum once (Dinosaurs exhibit) and the Children's Museum once (Curious George exhibit).
9. Make an entry (or two) in the County Fair.
10. Start the school year with a functional curriculum and set of lesson plans.

Ok, ok... I know, I shouldn't have work on there... and I am not even allowing myself to think of it until August 1st, but #1 & 8 could be broken into two items... and there IS house stuff and work stuff that I HAVE to get done, and will be so very glad I did come September.

The list isn't exclusive, of course. I will hopefully come up with some unexpected adventures, but it's a starting point, markers, to make sure I don't spend too much time vegging out to court shows and pinning crafts & recipes to "get around to."

So, there it is :)

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