Friday, July 27, 2012

Project Runway- Week 2

Ahhh, the Unconventional Materials challenge. Haven't we done candy before? My initial thought was making a "chain mail" open vest with Life Savors. Of course, that is probably heavily influenced by the jewelry that I have been working with lately.

In the biggest news this week, Ven is Vindicated! I really think he was cheated out of a win last week. During the working stages, I wasn't too confident that his dress was going to have the "wow factor" this week because of the muted colors, but the design, outlined in black licorice really pulled it all together.

He still remains my favored designer. I accept his arrogance (Confidence in talent gets such a bad rap in our falsely humble society.) However, I was a little disappointment with his announcement that he graduated top of his class at FIT and unprecedentedly won all four of the awards given to the graduated class. That bristles against my romantic notion of the show discovering a novice. I also question how long ago that was... because why hasn't that already gotten him somewhere in the industry?

I think the great snub this week went to Dmitry. He, rather than Gunnar, should have been in the top three.Gunnar's dress, although well-coordinated with his hair, was falling apart on the runway. The styling of it was "cute" but the construction was not Top Three standards in my opinion. Dmitry's dress had great movement. The other designers commented that it looked like beading. I would see that dress on the street and possibly not even realize it was adorned with candy. In the creator's own words, "It's the perfect balance between fashion and candy."

I must also give a nod to Sonjia. I didn't like this gal at all last week Despite the Smurf-doo, I thought she was going to be a "Play It Safe" designer, at best. However, I think everything about her nautical-hued dress this week was surprisingly adorable, especially the gummy shark bib- which could have gone either way. The reverse blazer opening to the back of the dress was classy and well-tailored. It was overall just a very clean-cut, nicely detailed, well-tailored piece. She may be able to pull off being the "fun" designer without going to ridiculous extremes... like SOME OTHERS! (I am not even going to give Kooan blog-space this week.)

Lantie going home was definitely not any lost to the creative flow of the show. Her apathy was too much to deal with another week. She is going to complain about the lack of time the designers are given being her detriment when, #1- she was given just as much time as every other designer (that made creative and well-tailored looks with the same supplies), and #2- she was walking around the shop EATING candy rather than planning how to use it for her look! She described her own look as "girlie with an edginess to it." There is nothing edgy about her look. More like a "laziness" to it. I am well aware with the editing schemes of reality shows to villainize characters, but Lantie was flaunting excuses from her arrival to her departure... such as blaming her boutique failure on the "market crash." Oh, and she lost this challenge because it was "nothing like what she normally does." As if the other designers sat around on Friday nights making Barbie dresses from Fruit Roll-Ups?

Lastly, for this episode, I will just add that although I am not at all Buffi fan, she did endear herself to me just a bit when she said about the critique, "I did actually poop a little up there." Yes, I know, only I would be moved by self-proclaimed flatulence.

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