Monday, July 2, 2012

A Sneak Peek

Last summer, before Justin left for college, I moved Cameron in to share his room. The house was built in 1924 although very little of the original structure remains beyond the hardwood floors and fireplace interiors. Point being made that Justin's room was probably the Master bedroom before the later remodel that added a Master bed & bath, so it is quite spacious and can easily accommodate the extra furniture. Cameron's old bedroom, however, is the smallest room upstairs and I was eying it as a Craft Room for me.

I have done a whole lot grading up there and very little crafting, but unfortunately more than either, it became the new Storage Room... a much nicer name than the appropriate moniker, "Junk Room."

Jason gave me gift cards for Michaels and Lowes for Christmas to get the room going. He even installed awesomely deep and well-crafted shelves in the two(!) closets. But life is busy, and I still didn't get around to doing anything for the room.

UNTIL NOW! I had planned to paint two walls yellow and two walls purple for the longest time. Closer to the project start date though, I was reconsidering doing each of the 4 walls a different color. I was hoping to post pictures tonight but the paint on wall is still wet. So here is the Sneak Peek!

I have a few ideas for some of the wall decor too. On the blue wall, I want to do a buttoned monogram, something like...
Except with an "S" of course, and a more eclectic collection of buttons like...
And, I would love to find a funky frame to spray paint in an odd color. I will probably treasure hunt for a couple of weeks and it that doesn't work out, do it similar to the top pic.

Then on the purple wall, which is the biggest canvas, without window or door interrupting its expansiveness, I want to display fabric on needlework hoops like...
So, I will add hoops and interesting, odd, and likable fabrics to my treasure hunt list. Maybe even some actual cross-stitchig still in the hoop?

On the green wall, to which my desk will overlook for all that work-related and bill-paying drudgery, I want mounted clipboards similar to this...
to serve as an Idea Board and to organize the flurry of ongoing projects (yes, I'm being optimistic here).

(This would be a good place to add the disclaimer that all photos were provided by Pinterest... ie, admit my perjurious internet theft.)

(And add that "Treasure Hunt" totally means "Yard Sale.")

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