Thursday, August 23, 2012

Project Runway 10- Episode 5 (Women at Work Challenge)

Just a quick nod to Episode 5 and the deja-vu of Raul departing before I move on to this week's episode.

Team Challenge. Those dreaded words to a group of designers who think their skill is too superior to descend to the evil of cooperation. Surprisingly, there wasn't much drama involved with the forced companionship this week.

It was quite interesting to watch the very different psychology of the two teams and the results of two very different styles of designing and manufacturing.

"Team 5" consists of Nathan, Vin (who comments "good choice" when picked), Christopher, who then picks Fabio (although it breaks Raul's heart but Christopher doesn't think the source of his budding showmance could work on a team with Christopher), and Gunnar.

"Team 6" then would be Sonjia, Elena (OMG-WHY?), Melissa, Alicia, and this week's fat kid on the gym bleachers- Raul.

The challenge? To create a "Marie Claire at work- fashion capsule collection." The cohesive line must look editorial but also could work in the real world. Each team would also direct their own fashion shoot and the winning shot would appear in the magazine. (I wonder what effect the magazine's involvement with Project Runway has had on their sales.)

Nathan's team declared that they would use a COLOR scheme. With COLOR. As did the other team. Unfortunately, one team chose purple, the other blue (chosen by Sonijia to match her hair?), and not much more than the standards black and white beyond that. But, it's a start!

Sonjia's decision to have each team member complete two of the same pieces and then planning to match them all together on the Runway just seemed wrong to me. There's no ownership of an actual "look" but rather just the production of an item of clothing. I guess it speaks of teamwork, but this logical approach to assembly-line fashion had Smurfette racing all over Mood (forgetting a shopping bag of supplies), and had their team stressed and frantic in the workroom. Of course, the competing team's zen approach to individual workmanship did not create an enlightened product line either.

So, here's my overshadowing question for the week...

You know how the designers will often say "who" they are designing for, or the judges will ask, "Who is this girl?" Well, my question this week is, "Where does she work?" The most stand-out piece of this collection is the off-shoulder top on the second look, but unless you are a travel agent maybe, are you going to wear it to work? Or perhaps you are employed as a medium and will fashion the turban in the 4th look.  Also, that side seem in the second look? It looks like she went to the loo and pulled up her pants sideways.

The winning look this week, created by Melissa, was also my favorite piece. Her work overall intrigues me. I love this dramatic neck and was surprised by the zipper detail. I would totally love to have a dress with this neck... but with sleeves... that I would never wear to work.
I also like the small panel openings in the back of Dmitry's dress. Again, I question what the appropriate workplace for this outfit would be. But overall, Dmitry quietly and greacefully creates some well-tailored and reserved, yet creative, pieces.
Of course, it wouldn't be a Season 10 runway without a pair of "Elena's shoulders." In future seasons, Kors and Heid are going to refer to outfits on the Runway having "Elena shoulders." The gem of Madame Psychotic this season has to be this week when Elena did not like the was a team mate had posed one of their shoots and she screams out, "It looks like the model is taking a.." Well, you get the point. She's not exactly the model of grace and decorum.

Raul deserved to go home. He had in his mind the garment he wanted to make before the challenge was even announced and refused to alter it when his team mates and Tim told him it didn't belong in the workplace. Also glad to see him go home because I just hate it when any reality show brings back an evicted player.

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