Thursday, August 16, 2012

Big Brother 14- Eviction #5 (Wil)

I will just touch on my personal highlights during last week's game play, since so much has developed since then to make theorizing worthless, but didn't want to completely skip a posting and move to the next week's ousting.

CBS opened the week referring to The Silent Six as a "Powerhouse Alliance." I must admit that I agreed. I felt pity for my nerdy lil' loner that he didn't realize that his entire alliance had turned their back on him to join the Dark Side with Boogie and Frank. While I though Ian was clueless to what was happening, it appears instead, that I was the clueless one!

The Pack is alive and quacking!
Britney immediately questions whether voting Janelle, and not Frank, out of the house was a mistake. She says "Frank wears his hair like that in public which means he has no shame and can't be trusted." Dan doesn't feel safe and thinks Frank is going to backdoor him in the Veto. Shane fears this too. Keeping Frank was a dumb move. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. He is a Powerhouse Alliance all within himself. He had to be taken out of the game when the opportunity was presented because there is no way of knowing how long it will be until that opportunity surfaces again, but show history at this point says that might be quite a while.
I was sad to see Wil go. He did indeed have some beautiful hair. Good game strategy? Not so much. Asking Frank and Boogie not to put him on the block? Smart. Refusing to reciprocate that promise for one measly week-even if in word only? Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. He played a good psychological game. Like a Thespian he could make any player believe he swallowed every lie they told, until he told us otherwise in the diary room. Sharing his high school troubles with Danielle had her caring for him like a puppy left outside in the storm. Still, he wrote his own eviction notice when he walked out of Frank's HoH suite not willing to say who he would nominate the following week if given the power.
Ashley has quickly fallen from my favored player list. The fact that she asked Frank on a "date" (Definitely a BB14 legacy) is smart game play- definitely not something we are used to seeing from her. She came onto the show giggling about how much she liked nerdy guys, but I'm not buying it. I think she feels like she would be a "catch" for any nerdy guy. But as soon as the popular jock asked her if she "wanted to make out on the couch," she forgot all about the resident geek. I don't think it was a big insult to go on the date with Frank- it was smart game play. But her back wasn't looking "out of commission" when she was rolling around on that couch. What lowered her standards even more in my eyes, is that the more attention she is given, the dumber she acts. No, she's not a bright one, as Zingbot says, but you can see her going from being generally ditzy to playing the dumb blond the more attention she is given.
The return of the annoying Zingbot. And his annoying offspring, which Frank releases from captivity when he unsurprisingly wins Veto power. Joking on Shane's pink shirt (borrowed from his niece) wasn't too zingish and Boogie being an old man, not so much a surprise. But when he announce that Shane would be getting something for Danielle- a restraining order- that was kinda priceless.
Also annoying? Still annoying? Shouting Joe! Even his wife and kids made fun of him, shouting into the cameras. As Frank says, "Joe is like a drunk girl at prom. You know she's going to make a mess, you just don't want her throwing up on your shoes."
Or yelling at your TV.

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