Thursday, August 9, 2012

Project Runway 10- Episode 4

Women on the Go Challenge ("Dropping Like Flies")

First, let me start off by saying that I thought the previews last week said that Elena disappeared in the middle of the night, not Andrea. Or maybe I just got the names and faces crossed in my mind. Occasionally I make mistakes. However, the Project Runway staff obviously changed their mind and let her have her anti-psychotic meds after last week's outbursts, realizing that withholding them was not going to create the rating boost they were hoping for. Perhaps, she is just not able to sanely work with teams. I am sure her report card said "Does not play well with others."

But no, our seasoned veteran Andrea snuck out in the middle of the night like a boy brought home from the bar. Not much of a loss. I think she may have been able to stay in the "safe" level of designing for a few more weeks, but only due to there being a couple more really-bad-how-are-they-possibly-still-there designers still sending fashion bombs down the runway.

Of course, Andrea dug the hole to fashion freedom and Kooan crawled along right behind her. He felt that he needed to find his own way to make it in the industry. Apparently, he thinks selling spray-painted t-shirts with pom-poms on the street corner will give him more exposure than a nationally broadcasted platform showcasing upcoming designers. Hmmm... well, it's not his fault all these rules makes him "sad, not happy." Really? The only niche he has a chance of succeeding in is that realm of conventions where people dress up like video games characters, but I doubt he will come to see that opportunity.

So, the challenge this week was to create a look that is "stylish, practical, comfortable- and must last throughout the day." The designers were taken to Michael Kors flagship store (where, disappointingly there were no actual ships) for their inspiration. When I looked amongst the Kors goodies, there are lots of accessories- heavy yellows and oranges, clothes with an almost nautical feel (or maybe I am just influenced by that "flagship" label) in bright yellows and turquoise blues.

And, the designers creations? Black, gray, brown, tan, Guldens-mustard-yellow. Can we please get some color this season?! Ok, can we please get some color from a good designer!

The winning looks had a similar feel/taste/inspiration. On the runway, I preferred Christopher, but seeing the dress better in still photo makes that side knot rather sloppy and overdone. Maybe I was just dazed by the pretty little leather jacket. Usually, a well-tailored jacket will always push you toward the win. I liked Dmitry's dress best- think it had the most style and skill, but will grudgingly admit that Sonjia met the challenge better. There was something about that shoulder that I didn't like. The whole outfit just looks a bit too easy, but I guess that relates to comfort.

The top three designers were very good this week... and the bottom three designs were really... bad.

Buffi- I think Kors nailed it on the head when she says that she uses kookiness to hide a lack of talent (and yet... she got on the show...) This was just a mess. Early in the show she said that it's not a big deal that Andrea left because she wouldn't be around much longer any way. Umm, total denial? Her personality will surely be missed among this crop of bland folks, but alas, we can only let that keep her around so long, especially when designers are "dropping like flies."

Raul- Holy 80's Batman? I know fashions recycle, but this one should have been composted. What a waste of a chance to be back on the show.

Fabio- It's a shift dress. It's Home Ec 101. It's far too short (insert Christopher's vulgar comment about just how short here.) I could not believe how much the judges (and Tim) were complimenting this fabric choice. It screams K-Mart to me! It looks like it would be used to create an over-sized top with an elastic waist-band. Not exactly Project Runway material.

There were some bad designs, oddly curious designs, and hinting-at-brilliant designs that fell in the middle of tonight's runway critiques. It will be interesting to see  how all of these "safe" designers scurry as the competition narrows.

Elena- Tim pointed out that she was, YET again, recycling THE SAME design we have seen from her in every.single.competition. So, what does she do? Cut open that boxy-shouldered creation and call it a jacket! It looks like something in the wardrobe closet for Golden Girls.

Melissa- This is the design that I find intriguing. It's not "good"... but it's not bad... you just keep looking at it saying, "What exactly is it?" For the sake of this challenge though, no one is going to wear that outfit all day long unless they are on the set of a Star Wars movie.

Gunnar- I was disappointed in this look this week only because I wanted more of it. I like the ombre layering of that skirt but I wish it had a few more flaps. I know it walks a thin line between classy and Southern Belle  fluffy skirt, but a couple more panels would have been nice though. I like this look and think it is very high-end, but it doesn't speak "comfortable." That skirt is among my favored pieces this week though.

And next week...
A group challenge. Drama, much?
I really wish they would slap down a challenge that demands more color.

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