Friday, August 10, 2012

Big Brother 14- Eviction #4 (Janelle)

"Always the Big Brother bridesmaid, never the Big Brother bride."

Finally, the masterminds of the CBS production team gives some spotlight to the budding romance between Ian and Ashley, instead of force-feeding us the lustfest between the two attractive players. It was a total gagfest when CBS slow-mo'ed Shane tackling Danielle with a hug after winning the HOH competition. Danielle said she was "like hey." And, I was like, "he knows you are in power this week, duh!" Ugh...I would rather follow the fairy tale of "The Princess and the Frog" then endure much more gushing from the Southern Belle over her shirtless iron-pumping beefcake.

That Southern Belle was definitely drunk on HOH power this week. Before her Queen's Suite is even ready to ohhh and ahhh over, she proclaims that Janelle is jealous of her and she can "float her jealous @$$ out of here." That, of course, proved to be a wise premonition when the power in the house danced right into Mike Boogie's hands and pushed Janelle out the door.

Poor, poor Janelle. So surprised by the back door that she didn't even think to put on make-up for the Veto ceremony.

Explain this one to me please... Did she think that the camera would not pan over to her at any point if she was not on the block? Or, does she think by prettying up for the "Time-Out Chair," the other house guests are going to be persuaded to not vote to evict her. Oh no, can't vote for Janelle she's so pretty... with her make-up.

Of course, we have already proven that she is not the brilliant player she thinks she is and far too transparent in her meager attempts at game strategy. We see this yet again when she bemoans in the HOH Room how desperate she is to get Frank out of the house and then goes directly down the stairs and to the bathroom to whisper to Frank about the game. This whole scenario reminded me very much of when the mean girl runs for Homecoming Queen and will fake-nice with everyone just long enough to get the vote... which, like, totally works because everyone thinks it's super awesome to be, like,  her friend!

It's understandable that Janelle's questionable allegiance would make her a target in the house. Ultimately though each player in this house needs to allied to just one person and that is himself. That being said, it was plain stupid not to send home Frank when the chance was given. He is like the roach of the Big Brother nuclear fall-out. His neck has not left the guillotine all summer. Yet, he survives. He continues to survive, and win competitions, and control the fate of others in the house. I think it was the wrong move for everyone involved except Frank and Boogie, who wants to be his Puppet Master.

The Frank & Boogie Show is likely to be the only showmance to last through the season. Even Ian felt like the puppy dog left outside during the storm and sought alliance elsewhere. Realizing there is no room for him in this Bromance finally sent him for the PLAY the game and not just experience Big Brother. Although there is no doubt he will be the outcast of "The Secret Six," at least this may buy him a bit longer in the game. The floaters aren't going to see him as a threat and the powers are going to see him as a vote in their pocket.

Britney's rank will be only slightly higher than Fido's in this new power structure. Did she not learn anything the first time she joined a male-dominated alliance that pawned her and then dismissed her? She just signed her name in BB blood with the Brigade II. Her honest commentary will be truly missed when this day comes though, from her sarcasm about the circle of obligatory hugs following each ceremony to her applauding Rocker Chick for wining the vacation, "a well-deserved reward for all her hard work and strategizing in the game."

Should there be any doubt of Frank's power in the BB house, let's consider the trend he has influenced among the menfolk.

The list of annoying traits about Frank is long. On that list would be the 4-inch wide wanna-be gangsta style of wearing his bandanna. As weeks pass though, this ridiculous trend gains new followers in the house... much like The Red Tie becoming a symbol of power during Bush 2's reign.

This anointing of the Secret Six certainly has Boogie more interested in the game, after Julie Chen pointed out his pouting tantrum when forced to join his fate with the houseguests'. The other coaches express such shock at his "honesty" at not being willing to get rid of Frank or trusting Janelle. Well duh, Frank is his ONLY ally and Janelle is his biggest threat!

His fake-virtue of wanting to be "just a coach" quickly dissipated when there was a greater chance of him not being sent straight out the door. He even criticized the HOH for not nominating him. Oh me too, me too Boogs.

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