Friday, August 3, 2012

Big Brother- Noneviction Week (The Reset)

Finally caught up on all the episodes that aired (and drama that went down) while I was out of town.
Another good week BB, lots of good (yet unsurprising) twists.

This not-a-showmance between Shane and Danielle is getting rather boring. I find it deliciously evil that Shane outright declared that he would have preferred that JoJo stayed in the house... but since she didn't, he'll just hook up with Danielle... but not hook up... but hook up. Obviously, CBS in a desperate attempt to create some showmance this season, keeps peppering them with leading questions and editing the aired clips to make it look like more than it is.

Much more interesting is Rocker Chick hitting on Danielle! Oh come on, you know she was... that patio pow-wow when she told Danielle that she likes to treat her woman like a queen and "make love to her brain." Even though the President of Chick-Fila may bring eternal damnation onto CBS, that could be an interesting twist to the summer's plot. The love battle between Shane and Rocker Chick for Danielle's affection would definitely be more entertaining than the spin-a-bottle kiss that had Danielle acting like an innocent bride on her wedding night.

I have seen my share of odd, lame, exciting, confusing, and disgusting competitions on reality shows, but there really aren't words to describe the coahes' competition thi week. It was a blurry neon blend between a cheesy adult film and an 80's Olivia Newton John video.

Frank definitely has game! From his directing Boogie to give Ian the $3k following this challenge to his super-secret alliance with Shane. That worked well. Of course, we have to pity the neglected son of wrestling legend, Sid Vicious! Oh, what a twist that was! Not. Who cares? What was more sad that Ian blubbering over the $3k? Frank's mom tenderheartedly sharing that Frank just doesn't know how much Pappa Sid is "into the show." As if that makes up for all those missed t-ball games. I bet he is "into" the show... and any potential path it could get him back to the limelight. I am not a Franko-fan and cringe every time he and Boogie do their little Dr. Will-flashback hip checks.

What I am a big fan of though, is the Diva War between Janelle and Will. Janelle is going to declare to Brittany that "when I get sad I just change my emotions," then try to turn on the waterworks as she claims to be so upset that Will thinks she doesn't respect him as a player. And? He read her- like. a. book. "Act One, Take Two."

I was also a big, BIG, fan of the Yelling Chef finally being on the block. We were this close to getting him out of the house. THIS close. Oh, but he made himself so much more adoring this week. First there was the breakfast delivered to Shane, in bed, the morning after he won HOH, delivered with, "Sir Shane: This is my apology and ass kissing for the week." Then, Janelle sends him up to the loft to talk "hearts and butterflies" with this week's powers to be, and what does Soul Patch do? Curse to knee-sock wearing Shane about how much "THIS SUCKS." Oh but out brave brave nearly-evicted lil' soldier redeemed himself in his "last chance" speech, right? He declared that "The President of the United States has the right to Veto while in office," and he implores Shane to "Be like the President." Such powerful words.

Joe is a one-man idiot parade, as Britney's impression so clearly demonstrated.

THIS close, but saved by the twist. Well, one player was saved by the twist. Frank probably would have the numbers stacked against him and left, but still... SO close. Those stacked odds are what made Superstar Shane feel safe enough to stab Frank in the back and put him on the block. But the twist, oh the twist... he better hope Frank doesn't win HOH soon.

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