Saturday, July 13, 2013

Super Buddy

Knowing that he could disappear from our lives at any unannounced moment, just as suddenly as he came into our lives, has urged me to take a few moments to document the presence of an occasional visitor in our home.

Let me introduce you to...
Super Buddy!

We don't know his origin other than he followed Benjamin home from Pre-School one day. In the early days, he would appear without warning and help Benjamin speed from one room to another. Then soon after, he adopted sunglasses and rain boots as his Super Hero uniform. The Benjamin we knew and loved so well could not transform into Super Buddy without these new-found accessories.

Another Benjamin-inspired addition to the Super Buddy uniform, although not as visible, were the rockets attached to his back. They help him to BLAST OFF!!!! (and make "fire come out of my butt") when running at super speeds just isn't enough for the heroic needs at hand. Thankful to the regeneration of Superman toys due to the Summer movie release, I knew that I must supply our resident secret identity with a Superman cape when I saw it displayed in The Wal-Mart toy aisle.

In addition to the antics of running and jumping and boisterously announcing the arrival of SUPER BUDDY!!!, we are also regaled by the stories of his great adventures and super-human strength. Just today he stopped a train from running off the tracks and into the river!

Prior to this public release, however, Benjamin has gone to great lengths to hide the identity of his alter ego. At Relay, Jason tried to get him to tell several of "the girls" about Super Buddy- requests to which he quietly shook his head "no" and demurely turned away. Shortly afterwards, he would come to me and whisper, "I'm Super Buddy, shhhh."

This is our fearless child. He loves roller coasters and doing somersaults (or, as he at first called them, "salt & pepper") on our bed. He will climb on and jump from any obstacle placed before him. So, although he is pretty stupendous in his own right, we are still enjoying the frequent visits from SUPER BUDDY!!!

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