Friday, July 26, 2013

I Do Not Brake for Yard Sales

Well, technically I like going yard saling, but this is a post in relation to the other side of the coin- being the seller versus the buyer.

I will not have a garage sale.
Because I do not have a garage.
I will not have a yard sale.
Because I honor my sanity.
There probably would have been a way to write that in Dr. Seuss verse
that would have been far more entertaining.
Earlier this week, some of the blog goddesses that I follow on Facebook (and pretend they are people I know) were telling tales of yard sales woes. From asking to buy the chair you are sitting on. Repeatedly. After being told it was not for sale. Repeatedly. To asking to use your bathroom. To asking how much something in the neighbors yard was for sale. That was not for sale. And in the neighbor's yard.
Honestly, I have not had anyone as annoying as that. I just do not, will not, haggle. Will I take 50 cent for that? Does it say 50 cent? Did I stay up all.night.long pricing every.single.item so you could ask if I was mistaken about the price clearly stated on the sticker?
Jason, on the other hand, it quite happy playing the role of Barter & Bargain, Deal & Discount. So... we have still been reaping the benefits of having a Yard Sale (clearing clutter, making moolah) by using the local online yard sale site that has become the norm on Facebook. From a boat to baby clothes to decorative trinkets to more baby clothes and more baby clothes, we have had a revolving door around here the past week, moving in the right direction: stuff out, money in.
I gather up the junk discarded treasures, take the pics, write the descriptions and e-mail it to Jason. Then he posts it on-line and deals with the sales. Anything that we can't get at least $5 for goes to Habitat Re-Store/Goodwill for donation (as will most of the unsold treasures). Perhaps a benefit equal to the moolah is no mountainous pile of discarded items "to be yard saled" piling up for three years or so, until I convince myself to have another yard sale.

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