Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bucket List, Maybe?

Summer School ended last Friday and Remediation ended today. Now, I only wait in anxious anticipation to learn how my students do on the state reading test tomorrow. I'm having a bit of a Ron Clark moment tonight...

Exactly 33 days until I report back to work. I know I had said "No Bucket List" this summer, but then this compilation of summer activities from The Martha graced my Facebook feed and I have reconsidered. I don't know what the "Theme Song" of my Summer will be yet, but I know the keyword of Summer 2013 is "Frugal." It's funny because I will sing in my head "Frugal Summer" in the tune of "Cruel Summer." So tonight I looked up the lyrics to Bananarama's song to see what parallels I could make, lyrics I could rewrite... and ya know, there aren't a whole lot of lyrics beyond "It's a cruel, cruel summer." We keep things simples in the 80's.

And, this is a simple Summer Bucket List... and a frugal one. Various of these ideas will be revised such as #27 (Have a Garage Sale) will become spend a morning leisurely yard saling and #19 (Host a Clambake) will become a feast of steamed crabs. Some of these ideas will be Summer activities for the family, as a whole, but not me, specifically- #8 (Fishing)- I'm looking at you! And alas, some ideas simply will be put aside completely... #13 (Outside Yoga)? Sounds lovely, but no... unlikely. Also unlikely is #25 (Make Your Patio Summer Ready).

But, for the most part, here are some fun ideas to spread Summer over the next 30-odd days until I start churning a new school year.


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Annette | Bucket List Journey said...

Love this list! Especially, the goal about making Popsicles. I just made some Adult Sangria ones and they were delish :)