Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Break 2013

Spring Break is upon us - three days down, six days to go (weekends included, of course, because I want it to sound like as long of a stretch as possible). I have tried so hard to stick to my resolution of not being one of those people counting down to the summer or next break... or even praising the arrival of Friday. I don't want to wish my life away, and I try to encourage others (namely, co-teachers) to not do so either.
That being said, I am very thankful for the timeliness of this Spring Break. This semester has just rushed by; the whole school year has been a blur. And while the days are quickly passing, the tasks on my "To Do" list are not. So much going on... always so much going on. I should be a list maker, but the idea of a "To Do" list stresses me out; once started, I don't know when it could end.
Still though, such a list may not be a bad idea for this Spring Break to help me prioritize my goals for all this "free time." Oh yes, that is sarcasm - to the immeasurable degree. I am thankful for the timing of this break not to get away from work, but to give me a little extra time to catch up on all my work- at school, at home, and with Relay.
Save for a couple of loads of laundry, I have spent the greater part of my day from early morning until late night, planning a party. Exactly two months from today, about a thousand of my closest friends will gather at the high school's football field to Celebrate, Remember, and Fight Back.

Time is such an antagonist to me. It just slips right through my hands, like trying to grab a fistful of sand. I swear, it seems some days, like the more time I have the less I can get done. In a typical month, I can get the final details together to prepare for a Relay meeting in the small window of time between school and Relay.Today, with the whole day stretched before me, and having spent that whole day working on Relay, I was still scurrying at the last minute to pull things together and felt unprepared going into the meeting. This, in part, comes from my deficit of always feeling "I could have done more."

Of course, given the more free day, I did squeeze in a couple of abnormal Relay errands, such as running to Wal-Mart for meeting snacks (popcorn and soda for Disney movie trivia) and meeting with my former-Key Clubber-turned-Relay Committee Member for lunch to discuss fundraising and overnight activities. That former Key Clubber, who I affectionately dubbed "Radar" for his ability to know what I needed before I asked, actually paid for my lunch today. He adamantly refused to allow me to pay for it.

Oh, it is sad to see my kids growing up some days (but other days there are perks ;)

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