Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Benjamin is FOUR!

Nothing makes me realize how quickly time is fleeting more than seeing how quickly Benjamin is growing and learning. I have to really stretch my mind to remember a time before he was walking and talking. These years have just flown by in a blur.


He is full of personality. All boy, equal parts rambunctious and loving. His favorite color is blue and this is a very popular topic right now. He likes to find out everyone's favorite color and always remembers when choosing things like plates and bowls or pointing out when someone is wearing a shirt in their favorite color. He remembers so much of the conversations that he has. He asks questions, takes in tidbits of information all the time, and then surprises us by mentioning something we talked about casually at unexpected times much later. (Will need to be careful around this one ;)
There is a Mexican Restaurant that is the traditional local place to go for birthdays. The iconic SoCo (Southampton County) Facebook pic for birthday celebrations is at Don Panchos in a sombrero. For Benjamin's actual birthday date, we sent cupcakes to his pre-school class and took him to Panchos for dinner. He was quite enchanted by the singing and birthday treat in his honor.
Jason was set on having a "real" Birthday Party for Benjamin. I was not. This dipped into one of my major social phobias of having an event that no one attends. Our social circle is small. We have no family close to us and no friends with children Benjamin's age. Jason was not deterred though. He actually polled another pre-school Mom in The Wal-Mart about which kids from the class show up to the birthday parties.  Eventually, I gave in to the idea... but thankfully had a late-coming and sudden inspiration to have the party at the local bowling alley and not in-home.
We timed it for 3 p.m., thinking that would sprinkle a little post-nap goodness over the event. It also worked out great because it was a "dead time" at the bowling alley and we had the place to ourselves during the hour'ish that the kids bowled, and danced, and ran around. I learned that the rule of one party guest per year of the child was a good one. Before I would have thought just four party guests was a failure but in this case it was at the brink a barely containable snowballing bundle of energy. (Did I mention they had the entire alley to themselves to run through?)
It was a good day. A good memory. Then, as perfect timing would have it, we came home to a big box from Ohio family with birthday presents too.
Sitting on top of the kitchen table (of course) "reading" his Birthday card in the Lightening McQueen (Bam Chow!)
 chair sent from Ohio family with Ninja Turtle pajamas and other goodies.
We also had our first dentist visit recently. He wanted to show me his "shiny teeth" as soon as I got home. I have to admit that I was thankful that our schedule led to Jason taking him to this appointment and not me, but I should not be surprised that he was a model patient. He is a curious child and this was just one more new experience that intrigued him.
Four has been a time of loving to be outside. Going for walks with Cameron, especially to see the peacocks down the road from our house. Going to the park  with Dad and seeing his friend, "Sheekah." The Big Four birthday present for Benjamin was a bicycle but he's not feeling too confident in those skills yet. Hopefully lots of summer days to practice will cure that quickly.
Four is a time when the world is divided into Super Heroes and Bad Guys and both are very real. Everyone is your friend, regardless of sex, color, or if your only name for them is "Hey Girl." It is a time to give a name to every encountered animal, in the pet store and stuffed, our favorite being "Dahma," the stuffed dog received on Valentine's Day. A time to give freely of hugs- good, strong, tight ones- but to be very reserved in kisses. Lately it has been a season of singing- remixing tunes we already know or just describing activities or latest thoughts in melodic verse.
Thankfully, Four is still an age of long naps- some so long that we have to wake him up. Also thankfully, Jason has such a routine set with Benjamin that he will usually go to bed without much fuss... now staying in his own bed for the night? That's a different story.

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Jason Dew said...

Isn't that nice? Looks like Benjamin has found comfort in the proposition of visiting dentists at some point. An excellent start right there. Just keep it going by keeping your options available, for what's best for his teeth.

Jason Dew @ Metro Dental Associates