Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Good Day

Yesterday was... A Good Day.

It was a self-centered... and a self-centering day.

It was a day of peace. A vacation from life. And I want to take a few moments to reflect on it before delving back into the chaos of my everyday. There is a very chaotic week indeed ahead of me, so even though Spring Break is next week (beginning at 1:00 p.m. this Friday to be precise), it was a good day to take a break.

I "stayed in bed" until 10ish. Jason and I often get into a semantics debate between the definition of "sleeping in" and "staying in bed." Having been awoken several times by the cadence of noise that accompanies an awakened two-year old, I refuse to say I "slept in." Jason would disagree. Either way, it was a great luxury to be in bed so late on any given day, even weekend, with my schedule as of late.

I had an appointment to get my hair cut at noon (and  had to drive an hour into civilization to get there). According to their file, it had been nearly a year since I last had my hair cut (and permed at the time). It does not seem like it could possibly be that long ago. But either it's another testament to me being too busy and life rushing by far too fast... or I had blocked out the horrible experience entirely. I don't feel like the cut is exactly what I wanted but it looked good and I am for the most part happy with it... not so happy with the fact that I know it's one of those "do's" that will never look the same as when the stylist did it. And although not a bad experience, I did leave with the feeling again that the higher-priced salons just aren't worth it for me... only in part because of the $50 small bottles of shampoo & conditioner she tried to guilt me into... or the very weird way in which she kept whispering in my ear about vitamins as she washed my hair.

I tried taking a picture while it was still looking hair-iffic, but I just couldn't accept any of the shots as post-worthy... exacerbated by having seen pics of myself posted from a Boy Scout ceremony last week... ugh.

And this is the better picture!
Anyway... my next stop was to the pottery studio to pick up bowls from a project the Key Clubbers did, and they look absolutely amazing. I am so excited for the kids to see how the turned out.

Then, I went to Lane Bryant and tried on a ton of clothes, almost all shirts, as normal, since I apparently have dwarf legs and require petite pants even though I am the perfectly average height of 5'6. (Tangent much?) Surprisingly I found several tops that I liked... and that fit well... and that were appropriate for work... and were 40% off. Score! It's not a financially smart time for me to be out clothes shopping right now... but the clothing goddesses were just too generous for me to reject their gifts this time. Besides, there are only so many times that I can keep rotating the same outfits... the product of a very stuffed closet, but unproductive wardrobe as far as comfort and fit anymore...

I also found new pj pants for the "Pajama Fashion Show" for Relay this year. They are purple with  loud flowers all over them. Most perfect for the occasion.

I had already decided before leaving town that I would catch the 5:05 showing of "Admissions." I lovelovelove Tina Fey. The movie was great, well-casted and interesting plot, humorous and heart-felt at the same time.

Lastly, I grabbed a Starbucks and read two chapters of my latest novel. Catching a movie at 5 and Starbucks at 7 as good timing; both were pretty deserted. I had the entire lounge area to myself and obnoxiously kicked my feet up on the leather couch with me to read. (I am rather easily pleased by the small surprises in life... and Starbucks).

The night ended finally watching "Pitch Perfect" with Jason and Cameron, after Benjamin went to bed. It was as funny as I thought it would be, though very predictable. A slight misfortune was that pretty much every good quip by "Fat Amy" had already been included in the previews. She is such a dynamic oddball; I can't wait to see what she's next.

And although, Benjamin cruising into our bedroom playing on my iPhone was our 5:50 a.m. wake-up call this morning, I was able to soak in a hot bath and finish my novel, then crawl back into bed for a few hours (but not "sleep in"), thanks to a husband who is much more of a morning person than I am.

It was a good day.

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