Sunday, February 17, 2013

Love Bug

I did it! I did it! (Yes, I totally heard Dora singing that in my head as I typed.)

I was so very tempted to begin this post with a list of what I didn't do for Valentine's Day.
Instead, I am going to intercede on my pessimism and herald instead what I did accomplish.

The main goal I set forth for Valentine's Day was to make cards for Benjamin's class.

And... I did it! I did it! (Yes, I am right stinking proud of that fact!)

I went with my first option and I am really glad I did because option number 2, the "Have a Ball," seemed to be quite the popular one this season... which made me realize the real trick to the "Mommy Wars" is to think up your own ideas for classroom coolness domination vs. imitating the latest Pinning sensation.

I used pink cardstock and "dimension" double-sided tape, because it was what I had on hand. The bugs were a little more expensive then I had planned, but that's okay. To the back of each card, I attached a small pack of M&Ms with double-sided tape.

Although I did have the supplies and the plan in hand I, of course, didn't get around to actually making the cards until the night of the 13th... and a crazy night it was.

School ended at 3:15 and I popped in for a quick department meeting, never taking the time to even sit down. Then, back to my room to manage Key Clubbers through organizing the 300 carnations for delivery the next day (fundraiser). From there to grab Benjamin from Pre-School and a quick stop for dinner-on-the-go. Then, to the Library to supervise Key Clubbers hosting a Valentine's Reading & Crafting night. Leaving there at 7ish, to only round-trip, and end up back at the library after having been home, to pick up Cameron's forgotten Chemistry notebook. So, finally getting home for the evening after 8 p.m.

Typical McHenry evening.

The library program actually had its great benefits. I was able to get a little schoolwork done while the Key Clubbers entertained and crafted with the kids. And, when it came time to actually assemble the Valentine cards, I finished within the time span of a 30-minutes sitcom I watched while working.

Then on Valentine's evening, I joined the Key Clubbers to host Bingo at the local nursing home... because I'm such the romantic like that ;)

So, now to plan for St. Patrick's Day. No pressure, right?

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