Thursday, November 1, 2012

Smell My Feet!

Because Happy Halloween or Trick-or-Treat would be too expected.

Halloween 2012 has come and gone though. We did not wait overnight in the patch for the Great Pumpkin to arrive, but we did partake in some spooktacular festivities.

Over the weekend, Benjamin and I made Ghost cookies. We snacked on them while watching "The Great Pumpkin."

Eight minutes was a long time to wait.
Earlier in the week, the boys and I carved pumpkins. Cameron, sycophant that he is, made an owl silhouette in his. Justin attempted to make Darth Vader (from a stencil on-line that he used my iPhone to model). I would have to say it failed as a Dark Lord, but it did have a definite Chewbaca image about it. I went for a classic Jack with evil eyes and a mouth full of fangs. Pretty ticked at myself that I didn't take pics of the creations. Especially mine because it was pretty awesome.

Couldn't trust the babe with carving knives just yet.
And, of course there was Trick-or-Treating. Our downtown businesses sponsor a trick-or-treating, which is nice because it's a condensed and safe area... but it was long lines from door to door and big, rather rude, crowds. So, I think we may try another venue next year. Afterwards we went to a neighboring small town for the Halloween Party at the firehouse in Sedley. The Key Clubbers have worked the event for many years now and there is always a good turn-out.  There are inexpensive games and kids win candy and small toys.

My Cheap Mom confessional is that I refuse to spend "good money" on Halloween costumes. I am apt to waste money on a number of frivolous things, but costumes has just never been one of those things. The older boys have been recycling a Tarzan cheetah skin and Ben Franklin (or Captain Crunch) blue coat for years. I almost broke "the rule" and ordered a Curious George from Amazon because I wanted Benjamin to have a costume that he knew and loved, but then I found the monkey suit at a consignment shop and, of course, got a much better deal (although it was a bit small). I know some moms who go to great efforts hand-crafting creative costumes each year. That will never be me- it's just not worth the couple hours use.

Our resident zombie may not be of the same opinion though.

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