Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Writing My Name in the Dust

Remember this summer when I posted every day?

Remember when I did the weekly re-caps of my fave reality shows?

Remember when I pledged to still post at least one craft tutorial and one new recipe each week, a goal to encourage me to still be crafting and cooking during the school year?

Pardon me a few moments, my tear-filled eruptions of boisterous laughter over that last one is make it a bit difficult to type.

The school year has started.
Key Club is in full swing.
Relay season has begun.
Needless to say, life is busy. BUSY.

I am too busy at the end of the night to even expend the mental energy on trying to find "balance"- that elusive goal of working moms that want to cling on to some sense of self beyond all the roles and titles thrust onto them by society.

I have not had time to read blogs, let less write one lately.
In the car is my school bag, with a set of essays I am half through grading, and three sets of quizzes that I haven't yet started to grade... and if I think about it a moment longer, I am going to get too distracted to peice together my thoughts here.

Saturday was the first day of Autumn. But the weather certanly didn't wait for the red X's on the calendar to reach the 22nd. The weather turned crisp overnight and the likelihood on fitting in one more trip to the water park or the beach is a fleeting thought.

Friday night I came home and watched the shows that I had stored up on the DVD from last week. Not only have I not had the luxury time to write about television, I haven't even had the time to watch it most nights. Saturday I had Event Chair training in Virginia Beach for Relay. Some good tidbits of information came from the morning spent with staff and other local Event Chairs. Then, I ran a bunch of errands while I was on that side of civilization.

Sunday was Jason's birthday, the time of year that comes when I'm no longer shacking up with a younger man ;) because we become the same age for the next 7 1/2 months. Sunday morning was also the first big Key Club fundraiser, a breakfast at Fred's for which we invited the families of all the newly inducted members and the club officers waited tables for tips.

The kiddos took on their waiting duties well, even delivering Jason a birthday cake with a humbly mumbled rendition of "Happy Birthday." Then, Jason hibernated into the upstairs cave to wrestle with a pile of school work while I took Justin the Chesapeake to celebrate his belated birthday. We had lunch at Red Robin and went to see some sadly predicatble horror movie (aren't they all, anymore?)
Then Monday comes... and we do it all over again. Such is life in this crazy world.

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