Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 14

As I went to bed last night, I was making a mental checklist of all I needed to do today. It was a long list, unachievable, most notable: finish painting craft room, grocery shopping, pay bills, cook with the mountainous pile of zucchini, squash and sweet potatoes bought from the auction last week, and call about birth certificates.


I watched "21 Jump Street" and was overly proud to catch the cameos, and surfed around Pinterest... clearly beginning to see the irony of pinning a bunch of inspirational quotes about "living life" and "seizing the day."

In my weak defense, I feel sick. I started having that sick-feeling "taste" in my mouth from chest congestion last night, and I had another one of those stomach antagonizing days.

So, I am relishing in it still being June, only 14 days into break, and although I haven't accomplished a whole lot of anything yet, there's plenty of time to "take off" and still be able to accomplish and experience a lot this summer.

I love my job :)
(and not just in the Summer)

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